The journey to becoming one of the world's leading suppliers of flow plates began back in 1999. 


The foundation of what is today Cell Impact was formed in Karlskoga as a company focused on developing a technology for high-speed impact units, with a technology based on research and technology from the defense industry. The idea behind the company was to develop a forming technology that was more cost-effective and less resource-intensive than conventional forming technology. 


The business is divided into two parts where Cell Impact continues to develop technology for manufacturing flow plates. The goal was to develop a technology that does not need oils and cleaning - and that can form sheet metal with a high impact frequency, does not generate large amounts of waste, and is very energy efficient. 


During the period 2007 to 2013, Cell Impact positions itself towards the fuel cell market, and continues to develop the forming technology with the aim of selling production equipment. 


The market is gaining new vitality and the demand for flow plates is increasing. 


Cell Impacts focuses the business on the production of flow plates and begins the work of converting existing demand into business, as well as scaling up and quality-assuring the company's production process together with the company's professional customers. 


A decision was made to carry out a move to new premises to make room for a significantly larger production operation. 


The move to new premises was completed - and Cell Impact's patented forming technology, Cell Impact Forming™, was registered as a trademark. 


Building up the factory and organization leads to increased production capacity and markedly increased sales. Plug Power places an order for bipolar flow plates and a Cell Impact Forming™ equipment for a total of SEK 42 million. 


Phase ll is launched with a focus on sharply reducing production costs through a higher degree of automation and smarter processes in order to be able to meet growing demand. A demonstration station line is established in Japan at F.C.C. Co., Ltd., a leading Japanese supplier of components to the automotive industry.