Dividend and dividend policy

Resolutions regarding dividends are passed by the Annual General Meeting and payments are processed by Euroclear Sweden. To be entitled to dividends, shareholders must be registered as shareholders in the share register kept by Euroclear Sweden on the record date for the dividend that is determined by the general meeting.

Dividends are generally paid by Euroclear Sweden as an amount in cash per share. If a shareholder cannot be reached for the payment of a dividend, the shareholder’s claim on the company remains and is only limited by general statutes of limitation. In the event of time barring, the entire amount will fall to the company. Cell Impact does not apply any restrictions or special procedures for dividends in cash to shareholders residing outside Sweden; except for any limitations imposed by the bank and clearing system, their dividends are paid in the same way as for shareholders residing in Sweden. However, shareholders who do not reside in Sweden for tax purposes are still subject to Swedish withholding tax. Except for dividends, there is no right to receive any part of the company’s profits.

So far, Cell Impact has not paid any dividends. There are also no guarantees that a dividend will be proposed or resolved on in any given year. The Board of Directors of Cell Impact does not intend to propose a dividend in the near future. The intention is to reinvest any profit in the operations and use it for continued expansion. The Board of Directors intends to review the adopted dividend policy on an annual basis.